Gorey Details

Dates and Times
The festival of horror runs over six nights (Thursday 29th, Friday 30th, Saturday 31st October, Sunday 1 November and Friday 6th and Saturday 7th November). The event operates across two sessions to ensure a fun experience for all. Session 1 (Sunset session) commences at 4:30pm - 7:00pm while Session 2 (Afterdark session) runs from 8:00pm - 10:30pm.
Tickets and Entry
Purchase your tickets online with a small booking fee applied at checkout. Print your ticket or bring it with you on your device. Your e-ticket will be scanned and verified for entry into the festival and exchanged for your ride pass. Each person entering the Event must have an entry ticket. Children 2 yrs and under are free and do not require a ticket. Ticket holders may be asked to present valid photo identification to a representative of the Event at the time of entering. Tickets should be purchased online. There is limited amount of tickets available for each session. If tickets are available, patrons will also be able to purchase tickets at the gate on the day. Payment can be made with cash or card. If you have purchased an entry only ticket (Chicken Pass), you may purchase individual ride and attractions tickets from ticket boxes inside the venue. There will be no pass outs. You will not be able to leave and re-enter the event once your session has begun. Lockers or cloaking will not be available and you will only be allowed to bring small bags inside the Event. Bags larger than an A4 sheet of paper will not be accepted in to the Event. There will be food and drink available to purchase throughout your experience. You are not permitted to bring your own food or drink into the venue.
Costumes and Face Painting
Dressing up in costume is encouraged. Those dressed in costume will be able to spin the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ upon entry and can win a range of prizes from ticket upgrades, scary masks, showbags and more. Full face masks and full face paint are not permitted. Anyone wearing partial masks, other than surgical masks, or props that cover the face may be required to remove the masks by Event Security for identification and security purposes. Guests who disrupt other Guests’ enjoyment of the Event, mistreat the performers or behave in an inappropriate and/or aggressive manner will be removed from the Event without refund. For security purposes all Guests must be able to be identified, therefore full face masks and full face make-up that disguises a persons facial identity are not permitted. All our scare actors will be identifiable through the use of an arm band so if you're experiencing any issues please contact security.
Maze Rules and Conditions
When entering out mazes please be mindful of the following • Do not touch anyone or anything inside… Keep your distance. • Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. • No running. You must walk at all times. • You must sanitise your hands prior to entry WARNING The actors and props inside will not touch or hurt you, and all actors are in face coverings/masks for your safety. Guests who kick, punch, push, hit, slap, touch or physically interact in any way with the actors, props or any part of the experience whatsoever will immediately be removed from the attraction, and be required to leave the Event without refund. There are no exceptions. DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE OR ANYTHING INSIDE This attraction is monitored by CCTV. Guests who damage any part of the attraction or injure any person as a result of their actions inside Mazes whether deliberate or accidental will be held liable for the damage and/or injury and may be reported to the police. BE WARNED that all Mazes features horror themes, dark corridors, live actors, startling special effects, loud noises, smoke machines, strobe lighting, theatrical blood and make-up. IT IS SCARY. YOU WILL SCREAM. Guests subject to the following conditions should not enter the Mazes: • CLAUSTROPHOBIA • EPILEPSY • FEAR OF THE DARK • HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE • PREGNANCY • BROKEN BONES OR PLASTER CASTS • RECENT SURGERY OR ILLNESS • HEART CONDITIONS • ANXIETY OR PHOBIA THAT COULD BE TRIGGER BY THESE THEMES • BACK OR NECK PROBLEMS
Covid 19 Safe
Due to COVID-19 XO Events is taking extra measures to ensure the health and safety of all our guests. In line with Government health regulations, we have some introduced processes for this period that everyone needs to observe and understand. Additional safety measures are in place, such as regular cleaning between rides, limiting the number of people on rides, health checks and contract tracing on arrival plus many more. Patrons must not attend the Event if they are sick, if they have been overseas, or to an area declared a COVID 19 hotspot or been in contact with anyone with COVID 19 in the last 14 days. Hand sanitiser stations will be located throughout the event and at the start of the mazes and attractions. Before entry patrons will be required to show their tickets and complete contract tracing forms including a health declaration. Contract tracing collects each person’s name and contact details and will only be given to SA Health and used to contact people should a positive case be detected at Carnevil Nights. All information is securely stored. During the event if patrons begin to feel unwell for any reason, we ask that they present themselves to first aid immediately. All patrons are asked to • Practise good hygiene • Cover coughs and sneezes with an elbow or tissue and dispose of the tissue hygienically • Avoid touching face – eyes, nose and mouth • Refrain from spitting • Wash and sanitise your hands often • Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily • Maintain social distancing of 1.5 meters and follow all ground signage to ensure you keep 1.5 metres apart from other social groups. XO Events have the right to refuse entry or eject anyone, without refund or further recourse, who: • May be showing signs of COVID-19. • Gives XO Events reason to believe the person may have COVID-19. • Is not abiding by any of the COVID guidelines • Is being physically or verbally abusive to any XO Events employees or others guests at the Event. Whilst XO Events IS committed to keeping you safe, patrons enter CarnEvil Nights at their own risk. Event organisers cannot guarantee you won’t be exposed to COVID-19.
When you arrive
Upon arrival, every Guest will need to produce their entry ticket and complete contract tracing forms including a health declaration. Contract tracing can be completed on your mobile device or manual forms are also available. Patrons will not be permitted to enter without completing contract tracing forms. Patrons who have purchased entry and rides passes will redeem their ticket at the entry and receive their ride pass at the gate. Ride passes are to be treated like cash. They will not be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged or defaced.
Will it be scary?
Sunset Session is for families with children from 4.30pm – 7pm. This session is not so scary and suitable for families with children who love Halloween, getting dressed up and having some fun. We will have friendly ghouls and monster roaming the grounds saying hello and giving everyone a wave! After Dark Session is for those 15yrs and above from 8pm – 10.30pm. This session is when we turn up the volume on our scares and the real ghouls and monster come out the feast.
Contract tracing, social groups and COVID Marshalls
What is Contract Tracing? • Entry is subject to you completing a Contract Tracing form. • Contract Tracing is a form you must complete which includes a health declaration online and fields requesting contact details to be completed at the entrance of the event. You must show gate staff your completed Contract Tracing form. You will not be permitted to enter unless your Contract Tracing form has been completed and health declaration submitted. For those who cannot complete contact tracing forms online, there will be hard copy paper forms provided at the entrance. What is my social group? Your social group is the group of people you come to the event with and sign in on your Contract Tracing form. You will be able to move around the event with your social group, go on rides and mazes with your social group and queue with your social group. How do social groups work at the event? You can queue in your social group and go on rides in your social group. You cannot mix with other people at the event who are not in your social group. What is social distancing? Social distancing means keeping social groups 1.5 metres away from other social groups. You will see social distancing marks on the floor of all queuing areas. Please ensure you stand on these marks to ensure we can keep social groups 1.5 metres apart. Keeping apart, keeps us safe together. Are there people at the event who can help me understand the COVID Guidelines and enforce the COVID guidelines? Yes – there will be a number of COVID Marshals at the event, which will be identifiable by a COVID Marshal vest. These people are there to help you and ensure you are abiding by the COVID Guidelines for the event. Any patrons not abiding by the COVID guidelines, may be asked to leave the event. What happens if I do not abide by COVID guidelines or information given to me by COVID Marshals? If you are not abiding by the COVID Guidelines, you may be asked to leave the event.
We encourage everyone to snap and share their experience, however professional photography is not permitted without prior authorisation. Please adhere to the following: 1. Professional, commercial, staged, or organised photography or video recording is not permitted without prior authorisation. 2. Tripods, lighting, other standalone ancillary photography or video equipment is not permitted.
Ticket Types
There are four tickets options 1. Chicken Pass – This ticket is entry to the event only - $5 2. Brave Rider Pass – This includes entry to the event and 1 entry to all of the following attractions and rides - Hollywood Horrors Maze, Backlot Maze, Tower of Terror Ride, Psychedelic Maze, Bat Flyer Ride, Spooky Dodgems, Spiders Wed Wheel, Dragons Castle Ghost Train and Dead Pirates Nest - $39.95, total value $75. 3. No Fear Pass - This includes entry to the event and 1 entry to Hollywood Horrors Maze and Backlot Maze and unlimited access to the following rides - Tower of Terror Ride, Psychedelic Maze, Bat Flyer Ride, Spooky Dodgems, Spiders Wed Wheel, Dragons Castle Ghost Train and Dead Pirates Nest - $59.95, total value $163. 4. CarnEvil VIP Pass - This includes entry to the event and unlimited queue jumper access to the following attractions and rides – Hollywood Horrors Maze, Backlot Maze, Tower of Terror Ride, Psychedelic Maze, Bat Flyer Ride, Spooky Dodgems, Spiders Wed Wheel, Dragons Castle Ghost Train and Dead Pirates Nest, plus 1 Escape Room entry and a souvenir photo at Hollywood Horrors, scary mask, bloody dagwood dog - $79.95, total value $207 Escape Rooms are only included in the VIP CarnEvil Pass, but they may be purchased at the event for other ride pass holders. CarnEvil Games and food are not included in any ride passes. All rides and attractions or ride passes may be purchased inside the event.
Can I buy tickets on the day?
Tickets are limited for each session and we do advise people to pre purchase their tickets online through the CarnEvil Nights website to avid disappointment. If tickets are available, on the day they will be sold at the gate.
What if I am late for the session I have booked?
It is important to arrive to the session you have booked on time to get the full 2.5 hours of fun. If you arrive 1 hour into the session you will only have 1.5 hours left. There will be no refunds to patrons who arrive late to their booked session. Refunds will not be issued if you don’t use all parts of your ride/ attractions pass.
How do I get to the Adelaide Showgrounds?
You can drive or catch public transport to the Adelaide Showgrounds. The closest car park to the CarnEvil Event is the Rose Terrace Car Park. Adelaide Showground car parks are now cashless. Go contactless and use your credit card to enter and exit. Alternatively, payWave facilities are available at pay stations. Car parking is $11 per car. Several bus routes service the Showground on Goodwood Road. Bus stops 1 or 2 on Goodwood Road are most convenient to the Adelaide Showground. It is approximately a 15 minute bus ride to the City. Trams departs Adelaide from Victoria Square & outside the Adelaide Railway Station every 20 minutes, with the journey taking five-minutes to reach Goodwood Road Station, Stop 3. It is then a five-minute walk from the tram stop to the Rose Terrace Entrance at Adelaide Showground. Train are available at all times and located on the south-eastern corner of Anzac Highway and Greenhill Road, Adelaide Showground Station is fully integrated with the Showground to provide a modern station that improves access, visibility, design, safety and convenience for train users. For more information on public transport click here - https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/
What gate do I enter CarnEvil Nights from?
Enter the CarnEvil Nights event from the Kidman Gate at Rose Terrace.
What time does CarnEvil Nights start?
Gates open 15minutes prior to each session for prepossessing. Rides and attractions will start at 4.30pm for the Sunset Session and 8pm for the After Dark Session.
Do I need to print my CarnEvil Nights ticket?
You do not need to print your CarnEvil Nights Ticket, simply have your ticket barcode ready to show Event staff at the gates on your mobile device. If you cannot produce your ticket barcode – you will not be permitted to enter. Screen shots and photographs of tickets are not accepted. Please ensure your phone screen is on the brightest settings for scanning.
Do I need to present my photo ID and purchasing credit card to get into CarnEvil Nights?
We advise that you bring along both your ID and the purchasing credit card, as you may be asked to present these at the event entry. Any groups that have purchased tickets together in a single transaction should also aim to enter the event together, with the purchaser, so that the relevant ID can be checked.
What happens if it is raining?
The event will go ahead rain, hail or shine. Some attractions may not be in operation if it rains. There will be no refunds on tickets if you decide to cancel because of the rain.
Do I have to leave after my allocated session?
Yes - After each session has concluded, everyone must proceed to the exit and exit the event so we can give the site a good clean in between sessions. If there is availability in the next session you may purchase a ticket for this session
Are the attractions wheelchair accessible?
The Event is a wheelchair accessible venue. Each ride attraction has its own individual safety and accessibility specifications. Please check at each attraction or ride for more information. CarnEvil Nights is a SA companion Card accredited event. A ticket can be issued at no charge to valid Companion Card Holders so that a designated carer can attend to assist them during the event.
Are there toilets at the event?
Yes, there are a number of toilets at the event.
Is there baby change facilities available at the event?
Yes, in the toilet block within the event area.
Will there be queues at the event?
There may be queues to enter the event and for some attractions such as mazes, rides, showbags and food. These queues are due to the need to ensure everyone is practising social distancing and due to the enhanced cleaning regime needed which in turn slows the turnover of people at each attraction down.
Can I upgrade my CarnEvil Ride Pass when I arrive?
You may pay to upgrade your CarnEvil Ride Pass when you arrive at the ticket box or inside the event.
Can I visit on more than one night or more than one session?
Of course you can! But you will need to purchase a separate ticket for each session you wish to attend.
I have a ticket to CarnEvil Nights but I don’t want to go anymore. Can I get refund?
No, all ticket sales are final. Tickets will not be refunded or returned after purchased. Any alterations to purchases are at Management discretion. There are no rainchecks on CarnEvil Nights Ticket Release prices. Fees apply.
I bought a ticket for Friday night, but I changed my mind and want to come on Saturday. Can I just turn up?
CarnEvil Nights tickets are valid for the day and date chosen at the time of booking. They cannot be used for an alternate date. Any alterations to purchases are at Management discretion.
I will be taking my children to CarnEvil Nights but I don’t want to go on any rides. Do I need to buy a ticket?
You can buy an entry only ticket for $5. If your children need assistance on any of the rides, you will need to purchase a ticket for that ride. Tickets for individual rides are available inside the Event. All guests wishing to enter CarnEvil Nights must purchase a valid entry ticket.
Are there any age restrictions to enter CarnEvil Nights?
While there is no age restrictions, CarnEvil Nights After Dark Session is recommended for audiences 15 years of age and over due to scary themes. The Sunset Session from 4.30pm – 7pm is designed for families with children.
What rides and attractions are available at the event and how much are the rides?
There will be a number of rides, mazes and attractions at the event including • Hollywood Horrors Maze - $12per person • Backlot Maze - $10per person • Escape Rooms - $14per person • Bat Flyer Ride - $10per person • Spooky Dodgems - $10per car • Tower of Terror Ride - $10per person • Spiders Web Wheel - $10per person • Psychedelic Maze - $8per person • Dead Pirates Nest Ride - $8per person • Dragons Castle Ghost Train - $10per person Food, showbags, novelty items and carnival games vary in price for each outlet.
Are the rides safe at the event?
All the rides, attractions and mazes at the event are operated and maintained in accordance with Australian Amusements Standards AS 3533 and have regular inspections by structural and electrical engineers as well as other regulatory bodies.
Are there any rides or attractions for young children?
There are no little kids rides at the event such as Tea Cups, Train Rides or jumping castles. However, there are a lot rides which have been re themed which young children may enjoy.
I’m dressing as an axe murderer and want to bring along a plastic prop, is this ok?
Its best to leave items such as these at home as they may inhibit entry into the event. Large props will not be permitted into the event.
Will you have cash out at any of your outlets?
There will be an ATM machine onsite at the event, and all ticket boxes take cash or card.
Do you have cloaking facilities?
There will not be a cloak room at CarnEvil Nights. Due to COVID-19 lockers are also unavailable.
Will the Adelaide Showgrounds car park be open?
Yes, the Adelaide Showgrounds car park will be operating as normal. Due to the nature of the special event, the car park may reach capacity.
Where are the smoking areas?
The designated smoking area at the entrance to the event.
Can I bring my own food & drink?
No external food and drink, including sealed bottles, are permitted into the venue.
Is there alcohol at the event or can I bring my own in?
No, it is a dry zone.
Is there somewhere to sit at the event?
Due to COVID restrictions and advise from SA Health, there are no chairs and tables at the event, however there are some seating areas built into the garden areas at the event.
What do I need to know when it comes to Important Health and Safety information?
We’re committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe, but this does mean we have had to make some changes to the usual experience. In line with the latest Government health regulations, XO Events have taken precautionary measures to managing the spread of COVID-19. Expect enhanced cleaning measures along with specific entry requirements for all staff and Guests. Hand sanitiser stations will be located throughout the Event and at the start of the mazes and rides.
Why do we have to provide details of each person attending?
Contact details for all attending guests is required as part of the health declaration process and for the purpose of contact tracing should this be necessary.
What is a health declaration and why do we have to read it before entering the park?
It is essential that every Guest understands that by entering CarnEvil Nights, you agree that you are well and not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms as outlined on the contract tracing form.
Can I wear a face mask on all the rides and attractions?
It is not a requirement of entry to CarnEvil Nights to wear a face mask. If you choose to wear a face mask, it must be securely attached in order to be worn on rides to prevent it from accidentally falling off as this can create a health and safety risk.
Will there be hand sanitiser available?
Yes, there will be hand sanitiser located around the event, at the mazes and rides and various locations throughout the Event.
Getting Here and Parking
Carnival Nights is located at Adelaide Showground. Access via Kidman Gate on Ross Terrace and Hamilton Blvd.